Which Planet is responsible for enemies?

Which Planet is responsible for enemies?

The life of every person is depends up on the time circle as per astrology. A person can earn everything in life by his karma. If he doing well works in his life then as a result the positive source will be come in life. But the result of some bad work will be gives him some bad effect like enemies in his life. The enemies are not creates with the born of a person or not present in the persons birth Chart. It is the result of some bad behavior and some of our non satisfying works. Which is leads by the bad times of a person’s birth chart. In astrology some kinds of Dasha will also be caused for enemy creation of our life. Consult an Expert astrologer to know which planet is responsible for enemies in your birth chart. 

Astrology is the great science of earth .By astrology it is so easy to known about our life and can solve the Mystery of our life .You can achieve success in your life by the help of astrology science. Astrological science has the capacity.  In astrology Horoscope if the 6th place of a birth chart or kundali will be affected badly. Then it will be considered that our time is disturbing by enemy attacks. Its can inform you that how will be your enemies and what types of intensity of the enemies attack.

How to know that our birth chart affected by enemies.

  • As per astrology science the person’s birth chart can shows him about his enemy’s attacks. The 6th place of astrology horoscope is used for find enemy’s position in life. If the 6th house of birth chart will affected badly by some planets. Like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu then as a result the person’s life is disturbing by the enemies attack.
  • If the 6th places of the birth chart have any types of graha yoga is forming. Then it is the chance of facing some types of black magic and evil eyes in the person’s life. Also if the planet Jupiter will ill placed in the 6th house of the birth chart. It is a very chance that’s the issues will be creates by his superiors in his life.
  • If the planet Venus is ill placed in the 6the house of the birth chart of person. It is so possible that some types of issue will be come from close friend and some females or partners.

How to Know That a Person is suffering from Enemy Attack.

  • In case a family catches in any issues with no logical clarification .Then it’s sure that it will be enemies issue in your life.
  • If incident is going on incessantly. It is in like manner adequate to guidance to know whether it is a result of any adversary attack.
  • Anticipating that the confirmed undertakings should get achievement is not working. In addition it is conceivable that there might be an enemies issues in your life

Remedies of this issue.

 Get the admonishment of an expert astrologer and truly follow the heading. Use a kinds of right Gems stones for empower your life. Present some specific Siddha yantras like Mahakali yantra, durga yantra, shatrunashak yantar. It can moreover slaughter the effects of the planet. Take a appointment of our Expert astrologer they will guides you for your right Gems stone, you can also order it in our site .Myastron astrology service is one of leading astrology service in India.

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