Vastu Tips As Per Zodiac Signs

Having an own house is everyone’s dream. And when people have their dream house, they face many problems. Some face unexpected financial expenditures, some find disturbance life, some have sleepless nights due to different stress levels. Do you know why do you all face such things? Sometimes Vastu of your house is responsible for all these things. So before constructing your house or buying your home you need to follow Vastu Tips As per zodiac signs to avoid such problems.

Checkout all Vastu Tips As per Zodiac Signs :

Vastu Tips for Aries

This Fire element is always looking for material elements and luxurious lifestyles. As per Vastu Shastra, you should build your house in the east. Your ruling planet is the Sun, so keep your house entrance towards the east. Place a Swastik at the entrance for positive energy and good luck. Use the south side for the Puja room. Don’t overload your west part of the house. Keep your home more open; don’t clutter it with more furniture.


  • If your house is south facing entrance then place a hawthorn plant
  • Decorate the north part of the house with plants
  • Plant peepal trees in any holy place

Vastu Tips for Taurus

This earth element is very much stubborn but very much creative also. Light shades are good for them to suit their mood changing behaviours. Shades of white, light green and baby pink are the best wall interiors for them. They should build their house and the house entrance in the north-east direction. This direction will attract positivity, wealth, health, power and prosperity.


  • Must keep basil plant in the house
  • If there is any heavy furniture, then keep them in the South-West part of the house
  • Decorate your home temple with Kamal-Gatta garland
  • Place silver pyramid in the house for positive ambience
  • If any of your family members is suffering from insomnia, plant crape jasmine in your house

Vastu Tips for Gemini

As communication is the most important factor for a Gemini, they look for bigger rooms where they can sit and chat with all. So the dining room is the best place for them. Geminines should make their house in North-East direction to attract positivity and prosperity. Shades of yellow are the best colour for them to paint their walls. Keep your central part of the house open and if possible place the Lord Ganesha in that part.


  • Plant cedar in your house
  • Mop your floor with saltwater
  • Light Diya near basil plant every day
  • Install a Ketu pyramid in your house
  • Don’t keep any ivory article in your house

Vastu Tips for Cancer

North direction is auspicious for Cancer, so build your house in that direction. Light green and pista green is good for a Cancerian. You can keep your house entrance from south to north. Keep a silver Swastik and green Ganpati idol at the entrance. Use your west direction for the garden. If you want to build a temple at home then go for Lord Vishnu temple in the South-West. If you want a Shiva temple then build in the West direction of the house.


  • Keep a silver pyramid in your pocket
  • Don’t keep any heavy articles in the South-West direction
  • Hang a running horse photo in your house
  • In east keep a  Surya Yantra of the house
  • Keep Gangajal vessel in the South-East direction of the house

Vastu Tips for Leo

Any bright colour like red, orange or yellow with a combination of white suits Leo. Build your house in North-West direction. You should hang a moon photo on the North-West wall of your house to attract prosperity. Place a Swastik made of silver and bronze on the house entrance. Your immediate next house should not be empty and at the same time should be occupied with a family only.


  • Create a water source in a public place
  • Install a pyramid in the North-West part of the house
  • Plant a Pomegranate are in the house
  • Apply a Chandan Tilak on the forehead before the living house.

Vastu Tips for Virgo

As this is the earth sign, it prefers to be attached to natural surroundings more. Nature-inspired colours like white, green, brown suit them. Beige is their best colour to attract positivity. It is a very much systematic sign, so the trendy organizing things work as a boon for them. Northwest is the best direction to build a house. They can use the western part of their house for a courtyard, garden or temple.


  • Plant a neem trees
  • In North-West direction plant a banana trees
  • Place Lord Ganesh idol on the Northside
  • Bring crystal plants in the house for positivity

Vastu for Libra

This socialite sign loves a party and meeting new people regularly. Libra need to focus on big living and dining room to meet their interest. West direction is good for them and makes North-East entrance. Place Swastik at the entrance. You can build a Shiva temple at your house.


  • Keep money plant at home
  • Put a red bulb in the southern part of the house
  • Place a mountain photo on the south wall
  • Place bamboo trees in the south-east direction

Vastu Tips for Scorpio

This water essential sign is very much sensitive. They more love the traditional look in their houses. They love classy and unique decors for their home. South direction best suits them but Vastu never suggests a south-facing house to install a Panchmukhi Lord Hanuman idol. It will add favours to your luck.


  • Don’t keep heavy objects on the house roof
  • Don’t keep any junk in the house
  • Plant peepal trees in public places
  • Use saltwater for mopping your house floors
  • Place an aquarium on the north side of your house

Vastu Tips of Capricorn

This earth elementary admires craftsmanship. They love magnificent furniture. They love natural shades like black, white, earthy colour or wooden brown. South facing house is always auspicious for them. Whenever making a home ensure that your south direction floor must be higher than the east direction floor.


  • Keep crystal Sri Yantra at home
  • In the North-East direction hang golden wind chimes
  • Keep some pleasant odour enhancements at your home to bring peace
  • Use your South corner to plant lavender
  • Install Sphatik Yantra to drag positive energies

Vastu Tips for Aquarius

Aquarius loves open space. They tend to keep minimal items at home. The shades of blue and grey suit them well. South-East direction suits them best to build their home.  You should place a Swastik on the entrance.


  • Build a temple in the North-East direction
  • Build an underground pyramid in the South-West direction
  • Make space in southern part of your house for ancestors
  • Place flowers in the East
  • Keep blue flowers as it is auspicious for you

Vastu Tips for Pisces

This water sign loves to host. An L-shape sofa with a chatterbox is best for Pisces. As South-East is not preferable in Vastu but it is auspicious for you. So place a Swastika on the entrance to bring prosperity and good luck.


  • Place Kamal-Gatta garland in your home temple
  • Spread smoke of cow dung bring to your entire house
  • Use saltwater to mop your house
  • Keep laughing children’s photos in your house
  • Plant jasmine in the garden to bring fortune

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