Type of Hands in Palmistry and prediction

Palm’s imprints can predict about your future. Palmistry is a foretelling process by the palm lines. It totally based on basic characteristics of your palm. Its fellows the lines, patterns and other formations in your palm and finger. There is a basic nature which will never change. But the lines, patterns and formations often change. Palmistry can relate to human’s different conditions. It also deals with the modes and tendencies of interaction with others. Future prediction can also do by the palmistry. In your confusing life it will be very helpful if you know your future happenings before. You can be able to prepare yourself for those challenges or chances before. That’s why you need an authentic Palmist who can predict your future and past in proper way.

Types of Hand in Palmistry

Time of birth is most important in astrology. But lines and mounts on one’s hand is important in palmistry. The key of future in the small, thick, thin and oblique lines in the palm. So there are 4 types of palm in palmistry.

The Air Hands

As per astrology there are 3 Air signs- Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Air hand is in square palm with long fingers. The lines of it thin and the prints are loops. It also abundance of clear lines in the palm.

Basic Nature prediction- They are basically good in talking and writing. Also love to spend time in the intellectual realms. They are great communicators and can work with the public. Air people have free sprits which make them good owners of uncaged birds. They may be found amongst writers, psychologists, researchers and those scientifically inclined.

The Fire Hand

As per astrology there are 3 Fire signs- Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Fire hands has rectangular or long palm and short fingers. These shapes are made from the palm side. Also there is always a several number of strong lines and usually whorl finger prints. They tend to have a lot of accident and injuries in their hand. An elongated and short finger in a palm also fits in fire hand type.

Basic Nature prediction- They are very active, outgoing and extroverts. Also likes to control and charge other people. They are good leaders and action oriented. Fire hand type are ruled over passion in life, love and experience.

The Earth Hand

As per astrology there are 3 Earth signs- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Earth hands have short fingers and square palms. Usually there are few lines and arches on the fingertips. They have solid palm and it exhibits few lines. But some slight variations could be allowed like from three quarters to seven eight on the palm length. If there are few lines on the palm then it hard and meaty. Its not mandatory for earth hands not to be large.

Basic Nature prediction- They have reliability, orderliness, tolerance and a constructive attitude. They are slow in nature. Also have a strong affinity to nature and the bush. They ate emotionally stable personality. Most people with this hand are very creative and an artistic quality.

The Water Hand

As per astrology there are 3 Water signs- Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Water hands have rectangular palm with long finger. They have large numbers of fine lines in their hand. Their palm also long with spidery lines. But a thin hand of the palm with too many lines which can qualify the fingers are not seven eights of the length of the palm.

Basic Nature prediction- They are creative persons who loves to be poets and musicians. Also, they can make name and fame in the beauty and fashion industry. These emotional people are very sensitive. Water hand type are caring, receptive and artistic.

These are the basic type of palm according to palmistry. But in many field palmistries have made their impression in the society. This also contributed to the medical and criminal science. The future of a person can be easily recognized by an experienced palmistry expert no need of Date of birth andKundali.

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