Puja and Yagna for Shani Graha Shanti

The term Sade-Sati is most horrible for everyone. If planet Shani is transiting through the 12th, 1sr, and 2nd house from the natal moon then it occurs. This is the toughest period in our life. Puja and Yagnya for Shani Graha Shanti will provide the best remedy to lessen the bad effect of sade-sati on our life. This puja will lessen the suffering which is caused by Saturn. Here are some sure remedies and the Puja to recover from the evil effect.

Process of Puja and Yagnya for Shani Graha Shanti

As per scripture when Sahni warned Lord Hanuman about the onset of his influence of Sade-sati. Lord Hanuman accepted the given challenge of Shani and allowed them to have his play. Hanuman loaded heavy rock on his head when the planet modeled on his head. Shani almost crushed by the rock and can’t be tried to dwell on Hanuman’s body. Finally, Shani had to bow before Hanuman. Then the planet declared to worship the Lord would not be affected by the bad effect of sade-sati. So that one sure remedy for sade-sati’s evil effect is worshipping Lord Hanuman. Here some programmes should be followed during the Yagna.

  • Shanti Patha
  • Sankalpa
  • Ganesh, Kalash and Navagraha Puja
  • Special Shanti ritual os Shani
  • Chanting of Shani Beej Mantra
  • Havan-offerings gave of Yagnya
  • Aarti-special prayer
  • End of Yagna with pushpanjali
  • Shreyoddan- Transfering the energy of Yagna to the beneficiary through Mantras.

What benefits you will get after the Yagnya

This Puja/ Yagnya can reduce the evil effect of sade-sati. Otherwise we will face poverty, tension, insult, displeasure and also our family will suffer the same. We must go for the Puja to lessen the bad effect of Sade-sati. The Myastron provides the best Puja at best price, so do consult to the experts.

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