Vedic astrology is also called Jyotish, which means ‘luminous’ belonging to the world of light It is an ancient Indian Science which explains Planetary Motions and Positions with respect to Time and their Effects on an individual’s true life. It can be traced thousands of years back.  Vedic Astrology was only based on the movement of Planets with Respect to Stars including Zodiac Signs as well. According to Vedas Astrology, there are 27 + 1 Constellations made up of twelve Zodiac Signs, Nine Planets, and twelve  Astrological Houses representing some aspect of a person’s life.

According to vedic astrology, how are we affected by the planets?

Astrology is influenced by the state of our solar system at the moment of birth. The planets are regarded as basic life-forces and the tools we live by as well as the basis of our substance. The Vedas say that a person’s karma is directly related to the position of the planets and stars the method of understanding one’s karma by analyzing these positions.

Get rid of any chronic diseases by vedic astrology

Refreshing mental health and a good behaving physical health is what everybody prays for. We all want our health status to be well managing and super healthy. For that, we accept a lot of fit schedules as well. Like determining the fitness balance, intake of nutritious food habits, diets and plenty of things. These activities basically energize our body function to be good and fit. But sometimes an individual gets caught by some chronic diseases. So, frequently they battle with that stubborn disease. In this ongoing phase, they almost can’t prioritize a normal life. Within a lot of medications and medical terms and conditions, they value their life. The traditional system of astrology as per the Indian sages is known as Vedic Astrology. And as per Vedic Astrologers, people faces chronic diseases because of the disturbing planetary positioning in their natal chart houses. So, as soon as possible considering some valuable remedies of astrology can help them out.

How vedic astrology can help you?

At every point in life, you will be thinking of the timing of your medication and precautions. So better astrological remedies can help you out. As per the Vedic Astrologers practicing some healthy remedies can revive them completely from chronic diseases. Your sixth house lord will be blessing you with strength and prosperity to live a happy and healthy life.

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